Terms of Use for Participating in and Contributing to CoLab Biomed

1. Scope and Purpose

The Collaboration Network for Biomedical Scientists (CoLab Biomed) of the University of Duisburg-Essen is a social network, e-learning and knowledge management application for biomedical scientists, especially doctoral students, who belong to the main research focus Biomedical Sciences. CoLab Biomed is a joint project of the Centre for Medical Biotechnology (ZMB) and the Graduate School of Biomedical Science (BIOME) and provides a digital platform that aims to support

  • communication and collaboration across research groups, disciplines and locations
  • sharing of information and learning resources
  • knowledge exchange and community based learning
  • access to and preservation of highly specialized knowledge
  • building and accumulation of a rich biomedical information commons
  • managing access to shared research facilities online
  • managing courses and events online

The current CoLab Biomed application is a Beta release. Unpredictable bugs are likely to appear, as well as performance and layout issues which still need to be fixed. Errors or other feedback can be reported via email to coLab-biomed@uni-due.de or with the integrated messaging system.

CoLab Biomed consists of a public website and a closed intranet area, available for registered members only (see registration below).

In addition to the described objectives above, the CoLab Biomed public website aims to enable doctoral students to communicate autonomously about aspects of their performed research in the open and while using the provided infrastructure and principles as a guiding framework to learn how to use social media for public research communication. Thus the CoLab Biomed public website is a new approach in regard to the established, more centralized institutional research communication, intentionally encouraging young doctoral scientists to practice and learn public research communication as a part of their working routine.

2. Registration

CoLab Biomed membership is restricted to scientist and coworkers of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) who perform research in the biomedical field and are associated to one of the following faculties, scientific centers or graduate schools

  • Faculty of Biology
  • Medical Faculty
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Centre for Medical Biotechnology
  • Erwin L. Hahn Institute
  • Graduate School of Biomedical Science (BIOME)

CoLab Biomed does not allow anonymous usage, members are asked to participate and contribute using their real names. Two different levels of participation are available:
1) a user account for internal use only
2) an online profile, where members can add and edit personal information and upload their photo to become a visible member of the CoLab Biomed community (recommended).

As part of the registration process, future users should read the CoLab Biomed terms of use and data privacy policy carefully and have to agree to them.

See the registration information page for more information about how to register for CoLab Biomed.

3. Data Protection Policy

We take data privacy seriously. In our legal information about data privacy (German) we inform you in detail which individual-related data will be stored for which purpose and how you can access and manage your own data within the system.  The German "Datenschutzgesetz" aims to protect your privacy and therefore requires that you explicitly agree to the storing of your data.  Within a social network with the purpose of communication -to some extend- the storing of individual-related data is inevitable, but your private data will be used for application purposes only. Moreover, it's on your own choice to agree.

Further guidelines will be displayed here after login.