Biometra TPersonal 48

PCR applications
Biometra TPersonal 48 lab Knauer
Technical Details: 

Thermocycler licensed for PCR applications.

48 x 0,2 ml-tubes, stripes, 48 well-microplates
block material aluminium
max. heating rate 3°C/sec
max. cooling rate 3°C/sec
temperature range 3°C-99°C
lid temprature ange 30°C-99°C
control accuracy +/- 0,1°C
temperature uniformity +/- 0,5°C after 15 sec
memory total capacity 1500 steps in 10 directories with max. 100 pograms each, max. 99 steps/program, max. 99 cycles
software prorams steps are easily entered in a spread sheet. Options: time increment, temperature increment, set ramping rate


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S05 V04 F21
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