Corbett Rotor-Gene 3000

Real Time PCR, Quantitative PCR
Corbett Rotor-Gene 3000 lab Ehrmann
Technical Details: 


  • Real-time DNA Detection System
  • Use: amplification and simultaneously quantification of  a specific DNA-sequenz
  • Advantages: different dyes applicable (Sybr-Green, dual-labelled and MGB probes, FRET and molecular beacons), high reproducibility and temperature uniformity


  • Rotor with 72 or 36 places
  • sample Volume: 0,1ml (72, strip-tubes e.g. LTF 102.0170) or 0,2ml (36, standard PCR-tubes)
  • temperatur range 25°C – 99°C
Colour Excitation (nm) Detection (nm) Dye (e.g.)
Green 470 510 FAM, SYBRGreen, AlexaFluor 488
Yellow 530 557 JOE, CAL Fluor Gold 540
Orange 585 610 ROX, Alexa Fluor 568, Cy3.5, Texas red
Red 625 660 Cy5, Alexa Fluor 633


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