Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3

Isoelectric focusing system
Ettan IPGphor 3 Isoelectric Focusing System Analytics UDE Kaiser lab
Technical Details: 

The analytics core facility is furnished with a variety of different state-of-the-art electrophoresis machines.
We are able to run:

  • 1D samples in mini (8x10 cm),
  • midi (13x22-28cm) and also in a high-throughput manner on
  • maxi gels (40 x 16 cm).

We are also well equipped to perform all kinds of 2D experiments:

  • Ettan IPGphor 3 for isoelectric focusing:
  • Ettan Dalt six for parallel electrophoresis of up to 6 20x20 gels

The Ettan IPGphor 3 is a fully integrated isoelectric focusing (IEF) system optimized to deliver high throughput, speed, reproducibility, and high protein-loading capacity. This third generation instrument is optimized for easy handling of CyDye™ labeled proteins and other light-sensitive samples, and provides temperature control critical for reproducibility in 2-D DIGE (Difference Gel Electrophoresis) experiments.
The large alphanumeric graphical display accommodates up to four lines of text for fast and easy programming. Up to 10 protocols (nine steps each) can be saved, retrieved, and easily edited on the instrument. Any number of protocols can be stored on a connected PC running Ettan IPGphor 3 Control Software and uploaded to the instrument instantly. Increased safety features ensure safe high-voltage runs, and with total start/stop control from your PC, IEF runs have never been easier or more reproducible.


  • Temperature control from 15 to 31°C
  • Integrated high-voltage DC power supply delivering up to 10 kV makes the unit space-saving
  • Secure light protection during the run. Compatible with CyDye-labeled proteins and other light-sensitive stains
  • Programming from the control panel or in Ettan IPGphor 3 Control Software
  • Use the IPGBox and IPGBox kit to rehydrate up to 12 Immobiline™ DryStrip gels or other IPG strips independently and at the same time
  • Ettan IPGphor Manifolds for running up to 12 Immobiline™ DryStrips. Cup loading improves the focusing results, particularly for basic IPG strips. For larger sample volumes, the Ettan IPGphor Manifolds facilitate paperbridge loading and in-gel rehydration loading.

Temperature Control
Temperature control is crucial for reproducibility. The Ettan IPGphor 3 maintains the programmed temperature precisely and throughout the length of the IPG strips. In one test (using the ceramic manifold), it was set to 20°C: the temperature measured at the anode, cathode, and in the middle of the platform remained at 20°C for 19 h.

The Ettan IPGphor Manifolds are high-throughput accessories for first-dimension isoelectric focusing of proteins using IPG strips. These manifolds meet the increasingly stringent demands of proteomics research by ensuring high-resolution, micropreparative protein analysis.

Source: Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 manual.

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