Nikon Eclipse Ti-E with confocal spinning disc unit

Light microscopy imaging
Nikon Eclipse Ti lab Meyer
Technical Details: 

Live-cell microscopy, Epi-fluorescence microscopy, spinning-disk confocal microscopy, TIRF, FRAP

Nikon Ti-E (inverse) with

  • Confocal Spinning Disk setup (Yokogawa)
  • TIRF illumination
  • Andor FRAP and photoactivation (PA) unit
  • live cell incubation chamber
  • Cameras:
    • Andor EMCCD iXon X3
    • Andor Clara Interline CCD
  • Objectives:
    • 10x air, N/A: 0,3
    • 20x air, N/A: 0,75
    • 40x air, N/A: 0,95
    • 60x oil, N/A: 1,49
    • 100x oil, N/A: 1,49
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S03 V04 F54
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