Ultracentrifuge Tabletop Optima MAX-XP Beckmann Coulter

Centrifugal seperation
Ultracentrifuge Optima Max Lab Meyer
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Available applications for the ultracentrifuge:

Protein Analysis

  • Protein purification/isolation
  • Viruses: PEG Precipitates
  • Viruses: Density Gradient Separations
  • Lipoproteins: Fractionation by Flotation
  • Lipoproteins: Density Gradient Fractionation

Cellular Analysis

  • Subcellular Organelles: Second stage: differential pelleting
  • Subcellular Organelles: Third stage: gradient
  • Cytosol Clarification: 100,000 g supernatant
  • Membranes

Genetic Analysis

  • Plasmid DNA: Cleared lysate
  • Plasmid DNA/RNA Preps: Gradient
  • DNA: Size Fractionation in Sucrose Gradients
  • RNA: Pelleting in CsCl2


Rotor type Maximum Speed Maximum RCF at r max (g) Largest Load Capacity
Optima MAX-XP 150,000 rpm 1019,000 x g 20 x 0,2 mL -  8 x 13,5 mL
Ultra - Fixed Angle TLA-100.3 100,000 rpm 541,000 x g 6 x 3.5 mL
Ultra - Swinging Bucket TLS-55 55,000 rpm 259,000 x g 4 x 2.2 mL
Ultra - Fixed Angle TLA-55 55,000 rpm 186,000 x g 12 x 1.5 mL


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