Dr. Dominik Boos

Research interests: 

The lab will investigate principles of DNA replication in vertebrate cells. Complete and accurate replication of the genome is essential for life because it ensures the homeostasis of the genetic information during cell divisions. Although DNA replication has been extensively studied in yeast we know surprisingly little in vertebrates. Hence, we aim to advance our understanding how DNA replication occurs in vertebrates, how it is integrated into the cellular context, and how it is linked to genome instability and cancer.

In the next years the lab will investigate the initiation step of replication because it is a major focus of regulation of DNA replication. The lab will concentrate mainly on the Treslin-TopBP1-MTBP protein complex, which we demonstrated during my postdoc time in John Diffley’s lab to be a major regulation platform of initiation. This puts us into the position for the first time to unravel initiation processes from the perspective of one of the main players involved, Treslin-TopBP1-MTBP.

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Faculty of Biology
Centre for Medical Biotechnology (ZMB)
University of Duisburg-Essen