Prof. Dr. med. Elke Cario

Research interests: 
  • Innate immunity – mechanisms, function and regulation in the intestinal mucosa
  • Intestinal epithelium – cell and molecular biology
  • Intestinal barrier homeostasis – integrity, cell-cell communication, healing and regeneration
  • Pathobiology of chemotherapy-induced mucositis; novel therapeutic approaches
  • Pathophysiology and –immunology of inflammatory bowel diseases, colon cancer and extraintestinal manifestations; novel therapeutic approaches
Email address: 
Medical Faculty
Centre for Medical Biotechnology (ZMB)
University of Duisburg-Essen
University Hospital Essen
Contact information: 

+49 201 723 4527

Institutsgruppe I (IG1), 7.008b

Virchowstr. 171
D-45147 Essen