Prof. Dr. Nicole Dünker

Research interests: 
  • Role of Trefoil Factor Family (TFF) peptides in the human retina
  • Significance of extracellular signaling molecules for apoptosis induction (programmed cell death; PCD)
  • Role of retinoic acid and BMP4 for apoptosis induction in retinoblastoma cell
CoLab Biomed research keywords: 
Research group: 
Medical Faculty
University of Duisburg-Essen
University Hospital Essen
Contact information: 

Institute of Anatomy

Dagmar Gioè
+49 201 723 4286/4299

Institutsgruppe 1 (IG1), 6. OG, Bauteil C, Raum 7

Hufelandstraße 55
D-45122 Essen