CoLab Biomed Ph.D. Programs

BIOME Core: Cellular and Molecular Immunology

The core focuses on immunologic aspects of selected important diseases and the underlying pathophysiology.

BIOME Core: Clinical Studies

This new core is aimed specifically at all MD and PhD students doing clinical studies or whose work falls within the framework of a clinical study.

BIOME Core: Computational Biomedicine

The BIOME core "Computational Biomedicine" addresses a spectrum of topics that share two features: computational methods and their applications to biomedical problems.

BIOME Core: Genetics and Cell Biology

The course provides a multidisciplinary training in basic, translational and clinical aspects of molecular and cell biology and genetics.

BIOME Core: Ischaemia, Reperfusion and Angiogenesis

Injury due to insufficient perfusion and/or due to reperfusion of a previously ischaemic tissue (ischaemia-reperfusion injury) is the underlying cause or decisively involved in many diseases including heart attack, stroke or various kinds of shock.

BIOME Core: Transplantation Medicine

To improve organ transplantation and to overcome shortages of organ donation and limitations in patient and graft survival after transplantation it is our aim to strengthen the research endeavour “Basic Science in Transplantation Medicine”.

BIOME Core: Tumour and Signalling

The course introduces young scientists (Ph.D and/or M.D. graduates) to the cell and molecular biology of tumorigenesis and medical oncology.

RTG 1431: Gene Transcription

DFG Research Training Group (RTG) on Transcription, Chromatin Structure and DNA Repair in Development and Differentiation

RTG 1739: Radiation Sciences

DFG Research Training Group (RTG) on Molecular determinants of the cellular radiation response and their potential for response modulation.

RTG 1949: Innate and Adaptive Immunity

DFG Research Training Group (RTG) Immune Response in Infectious Diseases – Regulation between Innate and Adaptive Immunity

RTG 2098: Biomedicine of Sphingolipids

DFG Research Training Group (RTG): Biomedicine of the acid sphingomyelin/acid ceramide system